Hiking in Kirishima: Ebinodake ー From Ebino Camping Grounds

Ebinodake is only a short hike from the Ebino camping grounds. Even three year old kids can do the hike. Look out for signs pointing you towards the trail at the camping grounds.

Despite being a lesser known destination in the Kirishima mountains, the hike is very enjoyable with an exhilarating view on Karakuni, Shinmoe, Takachiho and various other volcanoes.

The hike takes you on a tour through trees and shrubs with the occasional deer or tanuki taking curious glances at hikers passing through. There are some impressive rocks on the way that invite for a short break.

Bring a bentō with you for maximum enjoyment!

If you are looking for a bit more of a challenge, we suggest hiking Takachiho-no-Mine or Karakunidake.


Required time to complete the hike: 2 to 3 hours

Level of difficulty: easy

Parking available for 500¥