Nishimoro Tanmen Center

This is a ramen restaurant with dishes to die for!

Tanmen are slightly different from ramen in the amount of fried vegetables on top of the noodles, in short, a real treat! The restaurant’s noodles are homemade from scratch, and you can clearly taste the difference: they are incredibly soft and flavorful with a delicious, fresh, chewy, unmistakable bite to it.

By your chosen menu at the machine at the entrance of the restaurant. This allows you to quickly select and pay for your dishes. Hand the tickets directly to the cook and then wait for your heavenly dish.

You have the choice between different types of ramen: standard ramen, miso ramen, ramen with extra roasted pork slices etc. You can also order gyōza and rice on the side or a drink with your menu. The menu varies slightly depending on the availability of fresh ingredients. There may or may not be tsukemen (the noodles and the soup are served separately),  spicy ramen, or ramen with soup made with tonkotsu and grilled sardines. Whatever you are going to choose, you will leave the restaurant 100 percent satisfied.

Address: 宮崎県小林市細野 2732-8 → Miyazaki-ken, Kobayashi-shi, Hosono 2732-8

Phone: 090-7151-4972

Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm

Closed Wednesdays