■About 60 minutes by car from Miyazaki Airport by expressway
■About 50 minutes by car from the Kagoshima Airport by expressway
■About 1 hour and 30 minutes from Miyazaki city by Highway Express Bus
■About 1 hour and 45 minutes from Kagoshima city by Highway Express Bus
■About 50 minutes by train from Miyakonojo Station (JR Kitto Line)

Kobayashi City Promotion Company
16 Honmachi
Kobayashi 886-0008
TEL 0984-27-3280 FAX 0984-27-3257



小林まちづくり株式会社 Kobayashi City Promotion Company

The company was founded in 2014 when a couple of entrepreneurs noticed that for all it has to offer, the city of Kobayashi remains among the less traveled places in Japan.
Kobayashi City Promotion Company provides the latest information about this rural treasure in the middle of Kyushu.
Enjoy Kobayashi - Japan in a nutshell. We are here for you!

The team:


Takuya was born and raised in Kobayashi, a true country bumpkin.
He’s still mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding Kirishima mountain range and the luxury of having mineral water coming right out of the tap. Sort of.
Takuya loves taking advantage of the hiking and camping opportunities around Kobayashi and will heatedly encourage every traveler to experience the farm stay program.
Never tiring when helping out with reservations, tour planning, researching food and hotel options, he is an invaluable asset to making the most of your tour in this region.


Lorraine was born and raised in France but her heart definitely belongs to Kobayashi.
She has fallen in love with the Kirishima mountains, the people, the food, the pace of life... basically everything Kobayashi has to offer!
Lorraine is always ready to help you create the perfect program adapted to your needs. Let her book your restaurants or hotels, so you can fully enjoy Kobayashi at your own pace and without any stress!


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