Hiking in Kirishima: Mt. Takachiho-no-Mine - Takachiho Gawara Trail Entrance

You like hiking? Then you cannot miss the opportunity to hike onto Takachiho-no-Mine. This is where Japan’s origin lies.

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The sight is quite different in spring, but it is always exhilarating and the air is fresh. With the right equipment, you can’t choose the wrong season.

This trail is a little shorter than the hike to Karakunidake. But there are pretty steep parts and the footing can be difficult.

Starting from Takachiho-Gawara visitor Center, you will only need approximately 2 hours to reach the top of Mount Takachiho-no-mine (1574m) and an hour and a half to get back.

As there are barely any trees during the hike, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery all the way to the top. On the other side, it can be very dangerous to climb during a windy day.

Furthermore, we strongly advise to check the weather forecast beforehand as the visibility can be strongly reduced because of the fog.

The hike is quite short but not always easy, and we strongly recommend to wear hiking shoes as it gets slippery when you go down the mountain.


You will be surrounded by shrubs and trees in the beginning.
Not long and the scenery will be dominated by a volcanic red.

When you eventually make it to the top, you will be rewarded with not only a wonderful view but also the sacred halberd Ama-no-Sakahoko. It is one of the nihon san-ki, the three mysteries of Japan. It is said that it has been thrust into the top of Takachiho-no-Mine by the goddess Amaterasu’s grandson Ninigi-no-Mikoto. Ninigi-no-Mikoto is believed to have descended from Takamanohara  at the order of his grandmother to rule the human world. His descent is called tensonkōrin and signifies the start of Japanese history.

Ama-no-Sakahoko is the treasure of Kirishima Higashi Shrine, and thus the grounds on top of Mount Takachiho-no-Mine are a part of Kirishima Higashi Shrine’s grounds.

Taking a walk on the brim of a crater can be quite exhilarating!

Required time to complete the hike: 3 to 4 hours

Level of difficulty: intermediate

Parking available (500 JPY)