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Karukaya lodging in Suki village

[For a relaxing time in the middle of nature]

Karukaya lodging is located in the mountains right at the beautiful Ono lake. Four renovated traditional houses with tatami, sunken fireplace and a wooden bathtub welcome travelers from around the globe. Suki village with its luscious green is the perfect place for a refreshing stroll in the mountains. During the summer, you can enjoy SUP on the Ono lake or let the breeze on the suspension bridge with a view of the Mamako waterfall cool you down.
During colder days, you can warm up at the local onsen and let the tranquil atmosphere around Karukaya wash away your stress.


Karukaya is more than just a place for the night – it is a place where you create lasting memories.

Prices for a night at the Japanese style house are around 10,000 yens per person and include an exclusive dinner and lovely breakfast. The Western style house with a view of the Ono Lake and two meals is 13,000 yen per night.


Special discount on Tuesdays during fall, winter and spring:

10,000¥ → 8,000¥ per person

13,000¥ → 10,000¥ per person


If you have any difficulties booking a room at Karukaya, feel free to contact us so we can assist you !