Mamako Waterfall in Sukimuland

Mamako Waterfall in Sukimuland

Waterfall with a sad past:

Mamako” in Japanese means “mother and child”. The waterfall’s name springs from a heart-breaking legend about a stepmother and her child who fails to be loved by her.

The waterfall can be seen from Sukimuland’s impressive suspension bridge.
Lake Ono offers a welcome refresh during Japanese hot summers. It is also a beautiful spot for viewing the intense colors of fall leaves.


The legend:

The legend is about a cruel stepmother and a child who fails to be loved by this stepmother .

One day, the stepmother invites the daughter to take a walk with her to the waterfall. Once they arrive there, they sit down and take a break. For the first time the cold-hearted stepmother shows a gesture of love, when she lays the child’s head on her lap and strokes her hair. The child is overjoyed because of this long awaited gesture of love and without being noticed she ties together her kimono belt with her stepmother’s.

All of a sudden, the stepmother shows her true face when she pushes the child down the waterfall.

With their kimono belts entwined, both meet the same fate as they tumble down into the water.


The suspension bridge offers some chills during the summer.