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INSIDER ARTICLE: Here come the fireflies!

Although the period from the mid-May to the end of June is not as famous as the cherry blossom period, this might be the best time to visit Kyushu in general, and Kobayashi in particular. Why Kyushu? Because it’s simply amazing all year round. Why Kobayashi? Because this is where the fireflies are coming to light up the night.

Yes, we have fireflies in Kobayashi!

I don’t know about your place but I’m pretty sure it is quite rare to see these insects and especially in such numbers!

Many conditions must be fulfilled to be able to see this kind of beautiful spectacle. First you need to be in a pitch-black environment, then you need some very clean water, and well, nature, nature nature. All the conditions are fulfilled in Kobayashi and this is why the fireflies decide to meet up here. Every year!

Where do they meet exactly? At Idenoyama park, a beautiful place regardless of the season.

(Beautiful, right?)

This period of the fireflies is so important here, that there is even a festival dedicated to it. It all happens on the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June. Enjoying the fireflies while eating some delicious takoyaki or ice cream… what more can you ask of a perfect evening?

For the obvious reason that it is completely dark, it is really difficult to take good pictures (even more so videos) of fireflies, and when you do manage to take a picture, it is so far from reality it is quite disappointing. It is one of those things you have to see in real life, with your own eyes. What a great reason to actually come and visit Kobayashi !

Although disappointing, here is a picture of Kobayashi’s fireflies:


(it looks like a kid drew on this pic with a highlighter pen)

There used to be even more fireflies in the past, but they tend to decrease because of light pollution and other changes in our environment. For me, it was the first time I ever saw fireflies… and I can tell you it’s simply breathtaking! 

We are waiting for you when the situation has calmed down, to come and see how beautiful the fireflies are with your own eyes 🙂 !