Idenoyama Park

Idenoyama invites visitors to take a stroll in the midst of lush nature. Enjoy watching carps or endemic turtles in the lake, listen to birds and watch kingfishers gracefully hunting for their next bite.

The many cherry trees in the park make this a perfect location to enjoy in springtime. Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on the beautiful azaleas decorating the lake during the rainy season, either.

There is a small but impressive aquarium situated near the well that nourishes the lake, where you can easily spend an interesting hour or two.

A fountain brings refreshment during the summer heat, and as the water is perfectly safe for drinking, there’s no need to go thirsty here!

Free parking is available at the park.


Address: 886-0005 宮崎県小林市大字南西方1091 → Miyazaki-ken, Kobayashi-shi, Minaminishikata 1091