Kirei Village – sleeping amongst the stars



If you like to camp but have no tent, if you like outdoors in general, then Kirei Village is the perfect place for you! Located just in front of Kirishima mountain range, this campsite has made 4 very nice rooms out of two big containers.

There are several types of stay, single room, double room, with shower room or bathroom, etc. You can also rent a camp space if you want to bring your own tent. For more details, please check the Kirei Village homepage right here:

The price range is 2,500¥~5,000¥ per night and per person.

As for the camp space, it is 2,000¥ per night.

You will find a very nice coffee place just next door, called 「Coffee Roaster Enya」 and…the Cosmos onsen, very famous for the temperature of its baths (around 48℃)!

Nishimoro Forest Park is right around the corner, if you feel like mountain biking or skateboarding.