Our hike to the Ohata Pond


Our hike to the Ohata Pond

Special Monday at work: we went hiking!

My boss, 2 colleagues and I went to the Ohata pond (in the Kirishima mountains). The hiking course starts just near the Hinamori Campsite and it takes about two hours and half to reach the pond and one hour and half to come back, at a normal pace.

If you want to escape the heat of summer for a couple of hours, this short hike is highly recommended as you will mainly walk through the forest. Don’t get me wrong, you will sweat but at least you won’t have the sun making you feel like a melting ice cream.


(look at those faces happy to climb!)


This was a hike full of surprises as we met two snakes (and one HUUUGE one) and a bone. Yes, a bone. It was like some animal had left one of its bone on the way. I think we talked about this bone (while staring at it) for about 10 minutes in order to guess how it arrived here. I joked about a possible bear that would be around and expected everyone to laugh but no one did and our guide said “if you make noise or talk while walking, bears won’t come”…

“What??! First, are there actually any bear in this area? And second, what kind of piece of advice is that??”


(Hopefully one of us is ready to fight for his survival)


Anyway, we kept walking (and talking very loudly) for one more hour and we finally arrived at the pond. What an awesome place to picnic:

The hike to the Ohata pond might be the shortest and easiest.
There are many other hiking courses to discover among the mountains of Kirishima!
Our next goal is to reach the top of Takachiho no mine!
If you want any information regarding the different hiking courses available, please contact us!