Miike – Bird paradise around a lake

Lake Miike came into existence around 4200 years ago, thanks to a magma vapor eruption.

With its 93.5 meters, it is the deepest crater lake in Japan. Maybe there are treasures on the bottom of the lake, who knows. What is known, though, is that after World War 2, tanks and canons were dumped in the lake.

Adjacent to the lake is a camp site, in the midst of a park – Miike Yachō no Mori (Miike Wild Bird Forest). As the name implies, it is great for bird-watching. There are mandarin ducks, teals, blue-and-white flycatchers, narcissus flycatchers, fairy pittas and many more!


There are about 130 different kinds of birds to be seen.

A walk around the lake is beautiful in any season and if you have time to spare, why don’t you stay at a lodge or in a tent at the campsite?

More pictures and more information to follow soon!