Gohanya is a casual restaurant with delish food. Their super-friendly staff is sure to win you over in a second, despite the lack of any foreign language abilities.

Opened in 2020, it has established itself already as a go-to with their affordable and satisfying teishoku – lunch sets.

Their “Special Teishoku” features fried shrimp, the local delicacy chicken namban as well as a hamburg steak with rice, salad and veggies on the side for a mere 1,210¥.

Kids can dine on a “Okosama Lunch” for 550¥, that already includes a drink and dessert!!


Feel like eating outside in a nearby park? Order your lunch or dinner to go and choose freely where you want your taste buds to indulge.


Address:〒886-0008 宮崎県小林市本町13→ Miyazaki-ken, Kobayashi-shi, Hommachi 13

Phone: 080-1778-5656


11:00am-2:40pm (last order 1:30pm)

6:00pm-9:00pm (last order 8:30pm)

Closed Mondays (if the Monday is a holiday, the restaurant closes on the following Tuesday instead)