Yunomoto Onsen

Yunomoto Onsen

Yunomoto is a local yet famous onsen located in the village of Takaharu. Why is it famous?

Because it is one of the few sparkling onsen in Japan (indeed, only 3% of Japanese onsen are effervescent). Once you enter the cold bath (not easy to get in I must say) millions of bubbles will appear on the skin of your whole body. It is said the water of this onsen is extremely good to cure physical tiredness.

If you want to stay in Yunomoto Onsen, one night with dinner and breakfast will cost approximately 10 000 JPY per person. You will be amazed by the quality of their meals and by the amazing kindness of their staff, we truly recommend it!

If you need more information, or if you want to book a room at Yunomoto Onsen, please check the following website (in Japanese)

Once again, if you need any help to book a room, do not hesitate to contact us!