Musumi - Cozy Café and Co-Working Space

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With its tastefully curated interior, this place is all about taking the time to enjoy your carefully brewed coffee.
Exquisite handmade jewelry and other select items are thoughtfully exhibited and ready to be purchased.
With their selection of healthy organic and gluten-free dishes and sweets, it's easy to stay energetic to make the most of your day!
Still have work left to do? Just bring it with you and take advantage of the co-working space's free wi-fi while enjoying your freshly brewed coffee or tea!


If you're looking for perfectly roasted high-end beans turned coffee to go with delicious home-made sweets, you can't go past this place! The carefully selected ingredients are bound to satisfy you to the fullest!
The café's laid back but trendy atmosphere provides the perfect back-ground for enjoying their exquisite fresh curry -made from organic vegetables without a drop of water- or any of the other the seasonal lunch dishes.
Light and airy chiffon cakes or crisp and buttery scones will leave you yearning to come back soon. But you may extend your joy by taking advantage of their take-out menu!


施設名 Café and Co-Working Space musumi
住所 886-0004 Miyazaki-ken Kobayashi-shi Hosono 447-1
電話番号 0984-47-4603
営業時間 10:00-18:00
定休日 Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, the following Tuesday is closed instead)